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How can you be sure that ByteDance or the Chinese government truly has no means to access U.S. user data or manipulate content on the platform?

To guarantee that there is no unauthorized access to our systems—no backdoors or data leakage—every single line of source code that goes into the Oracle environment, whether it comes from TikTok, ByteDance, open source, or third-party, will be inspected and tested. This includes any updates to the code on an ongoing basis. Oracle and a third-party source code inspector will work to ensure that everything is performing as intended. Only validated code will be able to operate in the Oracle environment; if the source code does not pass inspection, it cannot run. Combined with our governance structure, which is designed to insulate USDS employees from outside pressure to grant access to data or systems, there are no means by which the Chinese government could get U.S. user data or manipulate the platform.