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The media has reported that TikTok collects sensitive information such as precise GPS location – is that true?

There have been many inaccurate claims about our policies and practices that have gone unaddressed by the media. To be clear, TikTok does NOT:

  • Log keystrokes;
  • Collect precise GPS location in the U.S.;
  • Track your search and browsing behavior across the internet;*
  • Use face or voice prints to identify individuals.

Under Project Texas, any data we collect about our U.S. users will be stored by default on American soil and controlled by an American cloud provider. Only public data—your public videos and your publicly available profile—will leave the Oracle environment, with limited exceptions for things like business metrics or data needed to respond to an emergency situation.

*Pursuant to our privacy policy, in some circumstances, advertisers may share information about TikTok users with us through a program called TikTok Pixel. You can learn more about it here.