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What is USDS and how is it governed?

As part of Project Texas, we created a standalone entity called TikTok U.S. Data Security Inc. (USDS). USDS is an separate company tasked with managing all business functions that require access to user data identified by the U.S. Government as needing additional protection and ensuring that the content you see in the U.S. version of the app is free from outside manipulation.

TikTok USDS will be overseen by an independent board of directors, each with strong backgrounds in U.S. national and cyber security. USDS leads will report directly to this board, and there will be no reporting lines outside of it. The USDS team is currently led by Interim General Manager Andy Bonillo and Interim Head of Security for USDS Will Farrell—both of whom have significant experience working with the U.S. government in the national and cyber security spaces. All employees of USDS will be vetted per hiring requirements more similar to what is required in the defense industry than in an entertainment company.