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Who will work for TikTok USDS?

USDS currently has more than 1,400 full-time employees, and we expect that number to continue to grow. It includes all functions required to run any aspect of the U.S. version of the TikTok service that requires access to user data, access to TikTok code or content systems, or access to platform security systems. In order to maintain total operational independence from TikTok and ByteDance, it will also include some additional business functions, such as HR and recruiting, legal and compliance, IT, procurement, etc.

To insulate USDS employees from any external pressure from TikTok, ByteDance, or elsewhere, all functions related to USDS employee evaluation will take place within USDS. This will include an audit team that reports to the USDS General Manager, and an independent corporate investigations program under the USDS Legal and Compliance team. All USDS employee investigations, outcome, corrective action, and remediation will be handled exclusively by USDS. All employees of USDS will be vetted per hiring requirements more similar to what is required in the defense industry than in an entertainment company.